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Before Teeth

After Teeth

Before & After
This patient had worn and discolored teeth that made him appear to be much older than he really was. Complete rebuilding of all teeth with porcelain crowns restored his comfort, function and youthful appearance.

Before Second

After Second

Before & After
This patient had his occlusion corrected with orthodontic treatment. Even the best orthodontic treatment could not compensate for the worn down front teeth. After restoring form to the upper front teeth, his smile was much more natural looking. This procedure was accomplished without the use of anesthetic and without the removal of existing enamel.

Before Third

After Third

Before & After
This young lady had straight teeth after orthodontic treatment, but her upper and lower front teeth were not contacting and were not functioning properly. Her front teeth were restored to functional contact with minor tooth movement using an invisible aligner and with composite bonding. The procedures were done without anesthetic and without removing existing enamel. The improved function made her more comfortable with a side effect of making her smile more natural.

Before Fourth

After Fourth

Before & After
This patient had a very severe bite discrepancy that was causing facial pain. She elected to avoid the orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery that would be necessary to achieve an ideal result. Her occlusion was improved and her pain was eliminated with non-surgical treatment that involved bite correction with reshaping. The reshaping was done with crowns on some back teeth and adjusting on other back teeth. Cosmetic bonding was used to reshape the front teeth.

Before Fifth

After Fifth

Before & After
This patient had worn and broken teeth with loss of vertical dimension. Her teeth had worn down enough to cause her chin to be too close to her nose, giving her the appearance of being older than she was. Her youthful appearance and vertical dimension were restored with porcelain crowns.